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    On-Site Calibration Service
    Instrument Repair & Calibration, Inc. offers the convenience of on-site calibration services. We have a fully equiped Mobile Calibration Laboratory and a team of calibration professionals that will travel to your site and preform multi-disciplined calibration services. This service minimizes downtime, eliminates possible transport damage, and saves you money. Our on-site calibration team can be scheduled at your convenience, and our service coordinator handles the entire on-site calibration service process.
    ? Eliminates instrument down time and the need for spares
    ? Eliminates damaged and lost shipments
    ? Minimal interuptions to your manufacturing process
    ? Easy retrieval if you need your instrument in an emergency
    ? You can have all of your calibration services done in one visit
    ? Our calibration technicians are available to answer your questions immediately
    ? No shipping costs or delays
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    On-Premises Calibration Laboratory
    Let us handle all of your calibration requirements. Instrument repair & Calibration, Inc. provides permanent calibration service at your facility. We handle all aspects of your calibration process so your valuable employees can focus their revenue generating tasks.
    We can staff and manage your calibration laboratory or we can set-up a calibration laboratory within your facility.
    By contracting with Instrument Repair & Calibration, Inc., our customers reduce their calibration costs by as much as 50%.
    Please contact one of our representatives for more information.